Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chinese architecture!

On one of the reddit subs, RandomActsOfPolish, someone is holding a competition in which we were to choose a photo and create a manicure inspired by it. Sooo, I looked through lots and lots of my old photos from China and picked this one that I took in the Forbidden City in Beijing!

Now there's a lot going on in that picture so I decided just to pick a few elements out like some of the intricate wooden carvings and the written banner. Here is the result! I wasn't happy with my photographs of this manicure because as hard as I tried, flash and no flash I couldn't get the color to photograph right. The actual color in person is a lot greener like the color on the pillars in the photo above. Maybe it's time to build a light box.

Yay! I like this manicure! I think I'll keep it for a while (three days maybe)!


  1. I love asian architecture, and your nails seem to capture the patterns perfectly.

  2. How did you do this! I looks so cool! (Stamping?) Teach us your ways.

    1. It's actually freehand! All of my manicures are! I never did get the hang of stamping.

    2. DANG. Your lines are so clean! I wish I had a steady hand like that. Kudos, lady!